Business Financing & Merchant Cash Advance MCA funding 5k

There is good news today as there are many business funding and merchant cash advance companies that are ready to lend to micro merchants as well. They are those merchants who process an amount less than $5000 every month in the volume of their credit card.

It gets difficult for these merchants to get the working capital that is required to sustain or grow their business. However, it just needs some funds for these small businesses to grow in size sometimes even to double or triple of their original size. The micro-merchant program to fund them is designed for those merchants who have very less credit card sales every month.

What should you look for to fund your small business?

As soon as you get the small business funding you can use the money to expand the business. You have to get approval and once done you get quick access to the small business financing capital whenever you need it. You are smart only when you grow and getting the fund to grow is easy now.

Bad Credit OK and no credit is not a problem too

The approvals of the bank loan alternatives are not based on the business financials or what the personal credit is. All that is important is that the business has sales and has a good history of revenues. As long as the business is able to make regular deposits into its account, it should be ok. The credit scores of the unresolved tax liens do not matter. Nor do you have to worry if you have charge-offs or are in a state of bankruptcy. TheMCA is not a loan but a sale transaction and thus your credit rating is irrelevant here.

The bad credit business loan alternatives have helped many irrelevant of what their financial or credit situation was. To find out about the merchant cash advance today.

How does the process work?

The process to fund your 5 thousand dollar business is easy and simple. You are given an advance of around 200% of the credit sales that you make monthly. You would have to pay back a set amount for the advance that is given. This is agreed with you in advance. A percentage of the daily credit sales are held back till you have made the payment.

The various funding programs that you could look for are:

  • Merchant cash advances – This is a quick and a cash flow alternative to any business loan. You can use this cash for your future sales.

  • Business loans –This is an easy and fast process and the funding gets done in around 24 hours

  • Revenue-based funding – This is ideal for contractors, manufacturers, and distributors

Merchant cash advance

This is one of the smart alternative funding solutions for businesses that are small and medium-sized. The merchant purchases a portion of your future credit card sale of the business at a discount and the MCA then provides a cash flow for the future sale of your business. The repayment process is very simple as a small portion of the credit sales in the future is taken as a repayment.

The qualifications that you have to meet are:

  • You must have been in business for at least 1 month

  • Should have minimum of 5 thousand dollars in credit card sales

The reasons why you should opt for merchant cash advances are:

  • It is cash flow friendly because all that you pay is a percentage of the credit sales and what you repay fluctuates based on what your cash flow is. If you have fewer sales then your repayment is also less

  • The process is very fast and the approval tends to happen on the same day itself in most of the cases. The account get funded within 24 hours at most times

  • The approval is very high which is unlike the traditional ways of financing where the credit score is very important and plays a part in the underwriting

  • You get access to more capital in every 3 or 4 months

So you could opt for merchant cash advance as it is a swift and a convenient way to get the capital needs of your business. Since the provider purchases a portion of the future credit card sales this lets the merchant give you a capital upfront. The process is thus designed in such a way that it gives you the funds that you need for your business in a hassle-free method and in great speed. It takes around 12 months to repay the merchant cash advance. Payment back is simply because you have already decided with the merchant a small percentage that works as per your business flow.

What differentiates merchant cash from a regular bank loan?

It has become very difficult to qualify for a bank loan in this economy. You need an excellent credit score and if you do not have one then that could get very challenging to get the bank loan. For many business owners, they do not have the traditional sources of raising capital like credit card loans or home equity loans. This is where he looks for a merchant cash advance to finance their small business.

Once the documents are submitted, the account is reviewed and a conditional approval is issued. This has various options though. Once the borrower selects an option the agreement gets faxed or emailed. When the contracts that are executed are received, the final verification is done and then the final approval is issued. Then a coordinator will set up the merchant’s payback platform.


So if you are sick of jumping to get the business loan for your small business then look at the merchants who give you a small business loan that also fits your needs. The application process is very simple and the loan approval and disbursement happens in no time.

It is also important to understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to business loans. The merchant providers meet flexible business requirements. The term and the amount and is customized as per what your business needs are. You thus get a tailor-made a loan to suit your business needs and to help it expand and grow.

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