Finance options for online business, E-commerce, Internet Company, MOTO business, Mail Order Telephone, Telemarketing Business etc


Many financial firms consider Online Business, E-Commerce, Internet Company, MOTO business, Mail Order Telephone, Telemarketing Business etc. as unsafe and hesitate to provide any monetary assistance to such companies even if the founders are qualified and experienced. The reason is that most transactions of money happen in the virtual space and these are considered high-risk trades. Similarly, such companies find it very difficult to secure advances from financial institutions. They are either declined straightaway or charged very high rates of interest and very strict collateral conditions.

Small companies have different needs

Many times a small business company requires some money for a short period to fulfill the immediate needs and we can help you in such scenarios. Small companies have different needs and Small Business Financing is a different ball game altogether. The companies that deal in the online business arena and that need to maintain inventory to fulfill a seasonal surge in the sale, need short-term support in the form of BCA or MCA. This is the best option for business finance, as most banks do not like to provide loans or financial support for small businesses.

The services

If you have a bad credit score or a history of bankruptcy, or if the company has many liens and you have had multiple NSF, even then our company can provide you with the financial help that you need.We are a merchant services company who can help you in such situations by providing financial solutions for all your monetary requirements.

A merchant cash advance is the best option to fulfill the needs of a small business even for working capital. MCA providers do not need to take the past bad record into account. This focuses on the projected credit and debit card sales of your business and provides you the money to take care of your immediate financial requirements.

You will need money to buy Equipment, maintaining inventory in mail order businesses, Expansion, Advertising, Marketing, salary payments, emergencies or Tax Purposes or as we all know a business needs a constant inflow of money. MCA can help even with multiple NSF and all the situations mentioned above. This can be equated to unsecured business loans.

Why are we the best option

We have many customized solutions for you. Our Merchant cash advance program is the best option for small business owners. We provide unsecured loans and no collateral is needed. We provide both the BCA and MCA options and that is according to the financial condition of the company. Our services are customized to help small business companies and provide alternative Funding Solutions.

We even bring additional cash advances like the 1st position, 2nd position, 3rd position and so on. If you know that your business will do well in the near future and you need more cash support beyond the MCA, then you can opt any of these services. For example, if it is the season of Christmas and you need a cash flow for maintaining inventory in your mail order business, then these can help as you expect to have more sales and your payback will be high as well.

The process

It has an easy application process. If you compare the process to any bank loan, our process is really easy and simple. The approval process is so fast and in fact, in most cases, the small business companies are pre-approved for a certain amount of advance. So they can the amount deposited into their account within a short time. Some companies are able to get assistance within 24 hours and most of the times it might take about a week to get the papers in order.

The process of quick sanctions helps small companies to move ahead without delay and use the money efficiently. If you need an MCA and you apply with all the required information, then the process will be simpler. In this scenario, it does not matter if you have had high NSF rates. This is because we are not concerned with past records at all. Your negative rating or being a small business does not matter to the MCA lending agency.

So you must be wondering as to how a small company with a bad record get financial support. Here is the reason, the lender will just look at the details of the borrower and determine if there is a good business plan for the near future. Then money is immediately sanctioned, even without a collateral. The entire process is based upon collection from the future earnings of the business. The amount can be anything from 5000 dollars to 500000 dollars.


You do not need to keep any collateral as this kind of financing is not exactly a loan and a great alternative to bank loans. The terms and conditions are easy to understand. The repayment is based on a percentage based collection method. Once you get the amount be it 5K or 50K, you can use the money without any constraints.

There is no repayment schedule and works with credit card factoring. In other words, the repayment is very flexible and depends upon your earnings. There is no pre-set amount to be deducted every month or week, neither is there any predefined time period for repayment. If your business is able to get more payments, then the lender will deduct more from your credit card and if the amount earned is less the lender will get less amount repaid. This flexible system is really in the favor of small businesses, who are already struggling to make a foothold in the world.

It can easily be used for short term and long term financial needs. It can also help in tiding over a short-term need to repay some bad loans and to help your revolving credit with your other loans. The terms and conditions are clearly spelled out on the website of the company. So there are no hidden charges or application fees.

The entire process is now automated, from the loan application, approval the repayment can be completed online. This saves time for both the lender and borrower. The amazing aspect is the flexible repayment and the other terms, which help small business concerns to get the timely needed financial support. They repay the amount as they grow bigger.

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