Is Your Business Not Getting Sufficient Financing Because Of Bad Credit?


Banks generally require businesses to have a high credit score. However, our financing business accepts even small business with average credit score or even a bad credit OK. This is because we understand the current turbulent economic conditions and are hence available to provide your business the required merchant cash advance (MCA), business cash advance (BCA) or unsecured loans to beat the tide.

We believe that all businesses, including small businesses, should be able to borrow or receive funds to pump their working capital source in order to sustain their short-term and long-term goals. We provide alternative funding solutions to bank loan at competitive interest rates and flexible loan terms by demanding no collateral.

Our small business financing includes:

  • Alternatives to traditional and commercial loans

  • High working capital limits

  • Instant and same day approvals

  • No hidden fees

  • Excellent customer support

Merchants with Bad Credit

Our business financing solutions are perfect for merchants with bad credit history and even for those who have qualified for multiple high NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds). Our alternative funding solutions are offered to merchants, distributors or businesses that:

  • Require small business financing for bad credit,

  • Solve problems of high NSF (Not Sufficient Funds)

  • Need no collateral or personal guaranty,

  • Want flexible loan terms,

  • Involve minimal or no risk while applying for bad credit business advance

Bad credit OK! This is acceptable as we advance funding based on the estimated future earnings of the small businesses from the sale of your products and services, including accounts receivables and purchase orders. Our bad credit small business financing services have allowed merchants to carry out their businesses through our business funding, unsecured business loans, MCA, BCA, bank loan alternatives including commercial loans and unsecured loans. We even offer advice and solutions to prevent businesses from bankruptcy and liens. We even consider providing credit card factoring and revolving credit based on the future credit card receivable earnings of the company.

Business loan purposes

We offer financing and funding to all businesses that approach us with the following loan objectives:

  1. Purchase Inventory

  2. Financing Equipment Purchase or Upgrade Equipment

  3. Repair or Replacement

  4. New Products or Services

  5. Remodel Business Facility

  6. Business Expansion or Opening New Business Locations

  7. Advertising & Marketing

  8. New Hire & Payroll Purposes

  9. Tax Purposes & Tax Liabilities

  10. Manage Seasonality & Handle Emergencies

In short, we cater to all business purposes and objectives, as we believe that every business deserves a chance in proving themselves.

Here is an insight on inventory purchase for businesses.

Having sufficient inventory is very important for the smooth running of any successful business. Thus, businesses that are not able to purchase the required stock or inventory will suffer a major loss. Obviously, the first option that comes to the minds of any business requiring to purchase inventory will go in for a bank loan. However, banks will check credit rating and will avoid lending loans to businesses that come under the high-risk or bad credit. This is when you need to seek other bank loan alternatives. One of the best options for purchasing inventory would be availing merchant cash advance (MCA). MCA is a good option for small business as banks will not underwrite loans for small business with bad credit.

Merchant Cash Advance or MCA is also known as credit card receivable funding. MCA is a good alternative for small business financing that has been rejected by banks. This means that businesses with bad credit can also avail MCA because when we lend MCA to our borrowers, we do not check their credit scores or their previous credit history. We only focus on their future business perspective, which is the basis us providing them with the required working capital to implement their business plans.

MCA is also beneficial for seasonal businesses, as it allows the company to stock up ahead on inventory for the upcoming peak season. This will ensure that the company has a good sales record during the season and assures high payback.

Benefits of MCA for small business that seeks to purchase inventory include:

  • Easy and hassle free application process

  • Quick processing time process (mostly within a week)

  • High approval rate

  • Simple & hassle free payback process

  • Does not consider personal credit

  • Bad credit OK

  • No credit involved

  • No collateral required

  • Interest rates are feasible

  • Loan terms are flexible

Apart from purchasing inventory, MCA is also suitable for:

  • Equipment Purchase, Replacement or Repair

  • Business Expansion or Adding New Products or Services to the business line

  • Business Renovation

  • Increase Cash Flow

  • Hiring New Staff

Overall, MCA is highly suitable for merchants with high NSF (Not Sufficient Funds) as it is a quick and the most efficient way to assist businesses.

Funding Positions

Our MCA and BCA financings are useful for businesses, which involve expansion, remodeling or renovations, marketing, advertising or campaigning, inventory purchasing, equipment purchasing or upgrading, facility requirements, staff hiring and payroll, and business emergency dealings. We offer a full underwriting for those businesses and also fund them with 1st position, 2nd position, 3rd position, 4th position, 5th position and 6th position. We do carry out any credit check, thus bad credit will never pose a hindrance to avail financing.

An important point to remember here is that MCA funding is readily available for businesses that are looking to expand or venture into new locations using the 2nd position, 3rd position, 4th and 5th position cash advances. Additionally, if businesses feel that they can perform well in the long term, then there is a high chance that they are eligible for alternative funding including 6th position cash advances.

Funding Dominations

One of the advantages that our small business financing offers is that our MCA and BCA financings are available to merchants in different dominations. We are open to funding any type of small business. We also present financing to small business in the preferred dollar increments and the desired financing amounts such as 5000 (5K or 5 thousand), 10000 (10K or 10 thousand), 15000 (15K or 15 thousand), 20000 (20K or 20 thousand), 25000 (25K or 25 thousand), 30000 (30K or or 30 thousand), 50000 (50K or 50 thousand), 75000 (75K or 75 thousand), 100000 (100K or 100 thousand), 200000 (200K or 200 thousand), 250000 (250K or 250 thousand) and 500000 (500K or 500 thousand) towards business financing and funding.


Thus, we are one of the most trusted lenders in the lending and borrowing industry nationwide. Our diverse business funding offerings will definitely assure you a solution that meets your needs with the best factor rate you can imagine. We offer numerous benefits for businesses that are in dire need of commercial loans and most importantly, we welcome businesses with bad credit and high NSF (Not Sufficient Funds). We have tailored solutions for all your business needs.

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