Business Financing & Merchant Cash Advance for Automotive IndustryUsed Car Dealers

Do you want to start a used car dealer shop and are looking for merchant cash advance and financing for the same? If your dream is to have an automobile dealer business or want to be the best car dealer then you could look at options for your business funding.

Why do you want to limit your business when you can borrow and invest capital to expand the business? There are companies through which you can get lending without going through the tedious task of loan approval of a request or going through the policy rules.

Merchant cash advance – A great feature to look at

If the monthly repayments towards your business funding scare you then look at the features of MCA or merchant cash advance. Do not hesitate to opt for a business loan just because you feel that it a great deal of load to apply for a loan. In fact, today there are many easy and suitable solutions that you can look at.

A merchant cash advance is a great option for those who are into a new business or struggling to keep their business profitable. It saves them from loan repayments and also to try to balance the needs of the business in a limited budget. The features of this alternative to bank loan are great where you do not have to pay back a monthly amount as per the loan terms. Instead, all that you need to do is to pay off the loan on days when your sales are huge. This means that you pay for the loan amount only on days when you have made huge sales and have lots of money to spare.

Are you worried about your low credit score?

Your low credit score does not pose an issue for you to apply for these bank loan alternatives. All that you need to have is a strong business with a promising future.The strength of your business is what makes you eligible for the loan and not your credit score. So if you have a low score that should not worry you because that will not be a reason for your loan getting disapproved.

Make sure that you have a great business idea and the strength to make huge profits with the business plan a. If that is in place then you will get the required funds in order to kick-start your venture or expand your existing business.

Get the bad credit OK fund now!

If all the lenders and banks have given a nod and are not ready to finance your business then you could look for other alternatives. You can easily get a loan for your automobile business and the required capital needed to expand or start your business.

Starting a used car lot business needs working capital and there is no denying that. It is also hard when you are just starting your own business to get approval from banks for a loan.You may need money to upgrade the equipment’s that you use in your automobile business or may need funds in order to expand your shop.

Approach the merchant dealer who can take care of all your business capital needs and all that you need to do is to go through the easy process.

Flexible loan options

You could get some flexible options to take a loan and the qualifying criteria are also very lenient. This is a great help for the aspiring entrepreneurs to see their dreams become a reality.

When you choose this type of business funding you are eligible for various benefits:

  • You can pay the loan which is flexible and this suits all your needs

  • The majority of the sectors of this industry are approved by this loan

  • The criteria for loan approval is very lenient and also accommodating

  • The approval and the application procedure is very simple and hassle-free and also very fast

This is the best option where you can get complete solutions for a business loan which is needed to achieve your dreams.

Criteria to get loan approval

The loan qualifying criteria’s are simple and easy and you can be assured that you would qualify for the loan. Your loan will get approved as the process is simple and flexible and also very fast. This loan is designed so that it meets the needs of all business owners.

  • Having monthly sales of at least $2000

  • Minimum time in the particular industry should be 3 months for the business

  • The location of the business should be within the jurisdiction and the geographical boundaries of the country

  • The personal and the business credit score should qualify

If you meet all these criteria then your loan would definitely get approval. The added benefits are:

  • Your loan gets approved even if you have no collateral or personal assets that you could guarantee against the loan

  • If you have a case of discharged bankruptcy or also trying to get over one

  • If you have a business that is seasonal

  • If you have a set up where you work from home

  • If you have an issue with the tax lien

  • If you do not have a clear or a definite business plan

The probability of your loan getting approved is thus very high and you can go ahead and apply for funding of your automobile dealers business financing loan.

Approval and the delivery process is hassle free

One of the worst things that you would have to face when applying for a loan is the long wait that accompanies it. There are business owners who have had to wait for weeks or months together to get their loan approved. This is then followed by the delivery process which seems to be endless. It is definitely not a good situation where you would have to wait for months together for an urgent loan. So look for those merchants who have a fast and a suitable loan disbursement process. The common features for a loan that you should look for are:

  • Get a loan pre-approved in minutes

  • Get the approval of loan within a few days of applying for it

  • Receiving the loan amount within 72 hours of the loan getting approved

Here you would not have to wait for a very long time and your loan gets approved and credited within a few days. You can then uses this money to invest in your business and see your business grow and perform.

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