Merchant Cash Advance – A Financial Boon For The Fitness-Related Small Business

An Introduction

The growing awareness for the fitness has aroused almost every individual to embrace one or the other forms of the fitness related activities and therefore, it is the right time to expand your fitness/sports center to advance your small business to the next desirous level. For this to happen expectedly, you ought to discover a trouble-free business financing solution that can be none other than the solution of Merchant Cash Advance!

Merchant Cash Advance - What & Why

The Merchant Cash Advance is that trouble-free business funding solution that can raise your working capital to meet your practical business requirements appropriately. It is the advance funding offered to your business, usually for a short term, in the interest of your business’ future income. That is, whatever small business financing you obtain in the name of merchant cash advance for your business, has to be repaid using a percentage of sales value aka the credit card receipts of your business for a particular period of time as decided. Like any other loans, your repayment includes the ‘interest’ value, which is referred as the ‘factor rate’ here, plus the borrowed value. So, for a $50,000 merchant cash advance, whose factor rate is determined at 1.2, your repayment value would be 50,000 x 1.2, which is $60k and this is the money you ought to fulfill through the percentage of your business’ credit card bills within the stipulated period of time.

The factor rate, the allowable funding value, and the loan repayment window are all decided based on the current and expected sales value, credit card statements, bank statements, tax return statement of your fitness-related small business. In general, the factor rate that is represented in decimal is somewhere between 1 – 1.5 and is entirely different from the APR.

The MCA, also known as the BCA (Business cash Advance), is particularly the favorable option for a small business like the fitness-related business, as it can offer the following benefits.

  • Quick process

No lengthy process is involved that allows you to enjoy the quick funds needed for your growing business as early as 3 business days

  • No collateral

The unsecured business loans like the merchant cash advance, do not expect you to pledge your personal or business assets that leaves you from encountering the nuisance.

  • Your credit status can be compromised

No financing whatsoever can be obtained from the traditional lenders without you maintaining a good credit score, but, that is not a problem at all when you resort to the MCA way of funding the cash flow for your business! It’s because your credit status is not revered much, although reviewed and therefore, even if you have a BAD credit or a low credit score, the financing for your business would be carried out without any trouble. This is also true in the event of your business reeling under too many overdrafts or high NSFs and, also, in the event of your business filed for a bankruptcy.

  • Flexibility

Since your repayments are proportionate to your business’ sales value, you are not expected to make a fixed monthly payment that offers you the needed flexibility, anytime!

  • High approval rate

It is unlikely that your plea for a financial remedy in the name of MCA gets rejected because the approval rate is very high in this field, as it is aimed to offer a hassle-free business financing solution for the growing small business like yours.

Thus, MCA with simplified procedures and too many irresistible benefits, certainly, can promote your growing business by offering the necessary funding quickly! This merchant cash advance is sometimes referred as the ‘Credit Card Factoring’, which is not same as the traditional factoring that is illegal. Availing a merchant cash advance is legal in every way, as the process involved complies with all legal expectations.

The loan purpose

You can avail MCA for any specific business purpose of yours that has no restrictions whatsoever. Since your idea is to expand your fitness-related business, you can avail the MCAto raise your working capital for the following reasons.

  • To open a new branch that includes, cost for the equipment, building, hiring process, marketing and advertising, payroll

  • Upgrading your current center by upgrading the gears with the latest technology

  • Repairs and maintenance, if any

  • Promotional activities

  • Replacing your existing gears and other fitness/sports related equipment.

Each of the above-listed requirement is crucial for your growing business and therefore, no compromise must be made by you, especially when you have the solution in the name of merchant cash advance.

Additional Position Cash Advances

You never know when your growing business would be in need of the funding, and this is true, even if you have already availed the financial remedy by obtaining a merchant cash advance that is yet to be paid-off! Yes, whatever funding you have obtained through the initial aka 1st position business cash advance would only be sufficient to meet the specific purpose and therefore, all the other business demands arising thereafter need not or should not be suppressed as you are allowed to avail additional position cash advances up to 5th position by specific prominent merchant cash advance providers.

Yes, additional financing is possible with MCA, which is, again, uncomplicated, unlike the traditional lending process, such as the bank loan. A second business cash advance availed when still the first is in place is called a 2nd position business cash advance and likewise, the 3rd position cash advance and so on, up to 5th position is allowed, typically. Although availing the additional position business cash advances is uncomplicated, provided, if you have approached a reliable merchant cash advance lender, it is always good to understand the loan repayment capability of your business, before taking the huge leap forward.

The loan amount

You can avail merchant cash advance for any practical loan value that can range from 5000$ to 500k$ or sometimes, even more, depending on the respective lender. You can approach anMCAlender with your expected funding value, which would be most-likely approved if your business satisfactorily complies with certain simple procedures.


For a young and growing fitness-related business like yours, not only the funding is crucial but, also, the availability of the funding at the right time is crucial for which the uncomplicated business funding solutions like the merchant cash advance can be the right choice, certainly. Although the loan value might seem a tad costlier, it is all nothing when compared with the straightforward, quicker and flexible options allowed, that can favor even a business owner with a poor credit position!

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