Business Working Capital For Purchase Of Medical Equipment

• March 11th, 2022

Medical professionals are commonly thought of as well-compensated, though the everyday expenses can get quite overwhelming, requiring the need for additional  business working capital. Rent, salaries, supplies, hazardous material removal and other bills can add up to a hefty “knot” and the one-off expenses, such as purchase of medical equipment can quickly take one’s account well into the dreaded red. Merchant Advance Financing provides business working capital to help manage monthly payments while enables medical professionals to stay on top of what the modern medical equipment can offer.

Business Working Capital

Traditionally the medical equipment is financed or leased for a period of time. Each of those options requires adequate credit scores and often require to be secured by personal property. In current economy loans are harder to come by than ever: acquiring one can be a daunting task, require quite a bit of documentation and may take months to complete.

For a medical practice accepting Visa or MasterCard as a form of payment Merchant Funding can be a great (if not “the only”) alternative to acquire business working capital. Merchant Funding provides you with a no-hassle up-front credit line of $5,000 to $250,000 that is paid off by a small percentage of your future Visa or MasterCard receivables. The credit line can be used for any type of business expenses, including the purchase of medical equipment, expansion, taxes, salaries… the list goes on.

The strong advantage of Merchant Funding is its ability to adjust to the level of your income: a slower month for you means a lower payment. But the advantages do not end there. Similar to a traditional line of credit, a business owner is able to withdraw additional advances, enabling to utilize the same account for future purchases: no additional documentation or applications are needed!

The approval process for Merchant Funding is quick and painless: most applicants can become approved in as little as 24 hours and get the funds in as little as 3 days! There are no FICO requirements and bad credit is not a problem due to the nature of this product. The documentation required to initiate the process is also minimal.

To begin the process of acquiring business working capital you can apply online or contact us if you have any further questions: our friendly account executives will be happy to assist.

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