Business Cash Advance Financing For Equipment

• May 16th, 2022

Many companies are having difficulty in the current economic environment with getting approved for equipment leases or even establishing credit lines for financing the equipment. The leasing companies like most other finance companies have tightened their lending guidelines making it difficult to obtain the equipment the business owners need to run and/or expand their business at a monthly cost that is affordable.  More and more small to medium size business owners are searching for alternative ways to finance their equipment without cross collateralizing existing equipment, personal guarantees, liens on real estate or other types of uncomfortable situations banks and finance companies are asking business owners put themselves in just for a equipment lease.

The solution for many businesses may be a business cash advance (also known as a merchant advance).  There are many advantages to merchant advances: no personal guarantees required and no set payments are among the top ones.  The payments are made by deducting a small percentage of Visa/MasterCard receivables on a monthly basis.  This flexibility helps mitigate high fixed costs that can’t be paid when your business has a slow month or even if it shuts down for the season.  Another benefit worth mentioning is that it isn’t necessary to have a great credit score to qualify, which makes it much easier to obtain the equipment or supplies without involving other parties to co-sign.  Most importantly the equipment can be purchased free and clear without any liens to worry about.  There are many other benefits besides the ones already mentioned, however those are the few that are closely related to the financing of equipment.

Financing or leasing small business equipment can be frustrating on many levels, why not let getting approved and paying for it be the easy part.  Merchant advances give a business the ability to run and service the clients instead of catering to banks and other companies that absorb time and frustrate business owners.  Merchant advance is a true alternative to the traditional equipment lease.

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  • Cash For Your Small Business

    Merchant Cash Advance is a smart alternative to the traditional financing for qualified business owners. This flexible, responsive funding product turns future card sales into cash today. Unlike traditional loan applications, ours is a really simple process.

  • Facts About Merchant Advances

    A Merchant Advance is not a loan. Think of it as us investing in your business. We simply purchase some of your future credit card sales.

  • Quick & Simple!

    There are no checks to write and no possible late fees. Your business operates as it always does. Through an automated process, when you "batch" your credit and debit card sales, the processor automatically repays the agreed-upon percentage of receipts.

  • Risk Free!

    Apply for Business Cash Advances today and take advantage of the additional small business funding. Grow your business and enter the world of new opportunities.