business cash advances

Business Cash Advances

Apply Today, there is plenty to get excited about! With Merchant Advance Financing your chances of approval for Business Cash Advances are MUCH higher when compared to the traditional sources of credit. This can especially benefit those with less than perfect credit as the approval does not depend on your credit score. In most cases you may be able to receive the funds in as little as 72 hours! There are no fixed payments: a small percentage of your credit card volume will be deducted automatically, making room for additional withdrawals. Repay as you get paid!
Please note that we have temporarily suspended accepting online applications until further notice.

  • Cash For Your Small Business

    Merchant Cash Advance is a smart alternative to the traditional financing for qualified business owners. This flexible, responsive funding product turns future card sales into cash today. Unlike traditional loan applications, ours is a really simple process.

  • Facts About Merchant Advances

    A Merchant Advance is not a loan. Think of it as us investing in your business. We simply purchase some of your future credit card sales.

  • Quick & Simple!

    There are no checks to write and no possible late fees. Your business operates as it always does. Through an automated process, when you "batch" your credit and debit card sales, the processor automatically repays the agreed-upon percentage of receipts.

  • Risk Free!

    Apply for Business Cash Advances today and take advantage of the additional small business funding. Grow your business and enter the world of new opportunities.